Members in loving memory

Lucile Hendricks 

Joseph Hopkins   

                 J.W.  Knapp          


Mixer Wednesday January 25, 2012


M C L Install Elected Directors for 2011 – 2012 Term

The Monitor July 10 ,2011 


Member Mixer

Texas Border Business  January 18, 2011

Mixer Wednesday January 26, 2011

2001 - 2010

The Monitor September 2, 2001

The Monitor September, 2002

Interview KGBT Channel 4  December 13, 2007

Mayor refuses to debate. The Monitor March 25, 2009


Finances, dropouts and superintendent search dominate

school board forum.    The Monitor March 26, 2009


Hidalgo County Sheriff to Address Border Violence with Citizens League 

The Monitor May 24, 2009  


The Monitor September 13, 2009


McAllen Citizens League elected Directors for its 57th fiscal year


Mayor: building new theater before selling old auditorium isn’t wise

The Monitor December 7, 2010


McAllen’s theater, reservoir project to be discussed

The Monitor   December 9, 2010


M C L Install Officers and Board Members

Texas Border Business December 21,2010











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